The Two Sides of Grace, part Two

Part Two of Mark Fox’s “The Two Sides of Grace”.

TheHeartseeker's Blog

In our last installment, we recognized the fact that God’s grace is like the two sides of the same coin. We need to see that Scriptural grace is not only God’s unmerited love, but it is also His unlimited power. To truly understand God’s grace (and how it impacts our lives) we must see, and embrace, both sides of grace.
In grace we see that God is motivated by love which causes Him to act in His unlimited power. As we study the Scriptures, we see that both sides of grace have ample support and application. We also see that both sides have the same manner of being administered to our lives and our life situations. This manner of application is found in God’s grace applied: 1) to us; 2) in us; and 3) through us.*
God pours out His immense love to us, as a prime example, in both…

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