Lessons from Life, Part Two… Mount up on eagle’s wings

Mark Fox is not only my big brother in the Lord, he is my friend whom I love very much. His insights into life and life’s relationship to the Grace of God, through Jesus, inspires me to find my wings. Thank you Mark that you never gave up on me…you saw my wings even when others thought I was dead. I love you.

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My job as a mail carrier affords me the opportunity to drive around in the country as I deliver my mail. Out in the country, as opposed to the city, you have the chance to see some wonderful things – if you will take the time to notice. In our area of the country, during the winter season, we occasionally get the rare opportunity to see a bald eagle. They are, indeed, a majestic bird. One particular windy day, I was able to see an eagle as it soared in the sky. The thing that I noticed the most, was the effortless nature by which the eagle “surfed” the waves of the wind. The eagle was not so much searching for food, or just flying to fly around — what caught my attention was the fact that the eagle just seemed to be having fun (I wondered: do eagles do…

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