Lessons from Life; Part One

Unmerited favor is described in this blog. Mark is my big brother in Jesus, and one of my mentors. Thank you Mark for being there for me.

TheHeartseeker's Blog

A mouse named Zoey

A few weeks ago, two of my children were outside and made a discovery that has impacted our lives on so many levels. One of them looked down, and noticed something small and helpless in our driveway. It was a baby mouse – only a few days old. The day was sunny (and abnormally warm) and the tiny mouse appeared to be near death. It was at this point, that the children made a decision… they decided to pick up the mouse, bring it inside, and attempt to nurse it back to health. This decision required the necessity of making a new mouse “home” (a cardboard shoebox with all the necessary “mousy” materials and surroundings). It also required some research online (they looked up several articles on baby mice and what they needed to survive). In their research they discovered that baby mice needed “mouse baby…

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