From One Brother to Another

This blog is simply a re-posting of someone else’s blog.  If ever I have known an example of Christian grace, faith and charity, it is exemplified in the life of Mark Fox.  Mark and his entire family live out, daily, the walk of Christ.

If it weren’t for their loving influence in my life, their steadfast prayers, their devotion to the truth, and uncompromising stance in it, I would not have come to understand Grace as well as I do today.  I owe them love, grace and more than I could ever say in public.  Their example of Grace and Mercy in my life is part of what broke me on the anvil of God’s Love through the finished work of Christ.

Enjoy, and please follow this brother’s blog.  He really and truly knows what he is talking about.  It is a gift from God.

I love you,

David Perkins

Let’s Be About It


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