SLEEP – An Insomniac’s Fantasy


For three nights I have been awake.  Now, tonight, at three in the morning, as I observe the triangle of stars, I hear a soft rustle behind me.  My heart skips a beat.  I want to see if she is here.

Sleep is waiting in my bed.  Sleep is my one true love.  Seldom does she visit, but when she is here, she takes me to places no other lover has taken me before.

Sleep’s silken tresses barely conceal the delightful pleasures she will give me tonight.  One look into her beautiful Golden eyes, and I am drawn, irresistibly, into her embrace.

We join and the ebb and flow of our union has begun.  We slowly fly above the hedges, and swiftly fly above the trees, and fly even faster above the mountains.  We soar eventually above the clouds as we call on the Father.  For a moment we are suspended in a white-hot space, hearts racing to keep up with this vision of ecstasy.

Then we descend.  We fall gently into a soothing darkness.  We embrace, and we rest in a blissful slumber.

Sleep is resting in my bed.


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